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Product Tested By Angela Jones – Baby Daniel 20 Days Old Angela Awarded The Tommee Tippee Nursery Essentials nappy disposal system 4.5/5 Really like the product, easily portable, easy to use, instruction leaflet easy to follow. The website was easy to find my way around, simple and easy instructions. Items had sufficient information and prices were good, appeared easy to order from. Lots of choice and variety of products. Packaging is bright, colourful, appropriate size for product. Instructions were really clear and easy to follow. Only took a few minutes for me to work out how to use the nappy wrapper. Also very clear when advising you how to replace the cassettes and they are very easy to install. There isn’t very much assembly required, so it’s very easy to assemble. I kept this stored in my bathroom, but because there are no smells escaping from the nappy wrapper I quite often keep it in my living room from nappy change to nappy change. Definitely a very hygienic way of disposing of nappies there are no smells coming from the nappy wrapper at all. It’s very quick and easy to dispose of nappies. Nappy goes straight into the wrapper so there is no leaving it lying around until you've finished changing and then having to get a bag to put the nappy in and then disposing of it in the normal household bin, the nappy wrapper is definitely much more convenient. When using this you notice there are no lingering smells around the house at all. Don't think the nappy wrapper always holds as many nappies as it states therefore bin needs emptying more frequently than I thought, however it's really easy to empty so it isn’t a problem. The nappy wrapper is easy enough to empty however the cutter on the wrapper doesn't always cut through the bag straight away and sometimes I have had to use scissors to help along the way. The quality of the product is really good, it’s sturdy, compact, and easy to use the only quality that isn't so good is the cutter on the wrapper. Think it offers value for money, the cassettes actually last a lot longer than I thought they would do initially which is very pleasing. Will definitely be continuing to use the nappy wrapper wouldn't use anything else. Definitely recommend this to family and friends in fact I already have done. The nappy wrapper is excellent, it's easy to use, easy to change cassettes and keeps all smells at bay, wouldn't be without it.

I like to think of a nursery as a space where a mother gets to spend special time with her baby and where little children can imagine and play. When I’m designing a space for little ones, I like to include a few key elements that make the space pretty, practical and comfortable for both mom and baby. Today, I’m sharing some great examples of nursery essentials that make for beautiful designs and how to get the look in your own home.

Nursery Essentials – Crib Mattress

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    The Nursery Essentials Collection by Mommy's Helper is your complete set of baby health and grooming essentials!


    The Nursery Essentials kit is the ultimate grooming kit from Mommy’s Helper and includes all of the baby care items you will need. The 14 piece set includes storage case, nasal aspirator, infant gum massager, digital thermometer, medicine spoon, medicine dropper, comb, brush, fingernail clippers, emory boards and Boo Boo pack. It also has a convenient storage case.
    Includes all of the baby care items you will need
    Includes storage case, nasal aspirator, infant gum massager, digital thermometer, medicine spoon
    Includes medicine dropper
    Convenient storage case