10 Sets Black Maternity Nursing Bra Clips - 1/2 inch on Etsy, $16.80

10 Pairs KAMsnaps® Nursing Maternity Clips Clasps Plastic Hooks Buckles for DIY Breastfeeding Bras Camis and Tank Tops White 12mm (1/2")


Set Black Maternity Nursing Bra Clips 1/2 inch by porcelynne

A close up of how to use the nursing bra clips for breastfeeding. Yvonne hooks and unhooks the simple nursing bra clip using 2 hands in this example, but this style are easily done using one hand with practice, when you're also winding baby over your other shoulder!

I was searching for nursing bras just a week ago since our son came unexpectedly and I found one…that doesn’t *really* fit. I didn’t think I would be able to find the typical nursing bra clips in a timely manner, but I like the idea of using those hooks instead! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. We’ll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow! :)

Sets White Maternity Nursing Bra Clips 1/2 inch by porcelynne, $2.70

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Sets White Maternity Nursing Bra Clips 3/4 inch by porcelynne

Thanks for featuring this! I hope it does well for you :)
Yes – I thought about the nursing bra clips and went looking for them… when I realized they were only online (or at least not sold anywhere near me), and that my ridiculously expensive bras had just used regular bra hooks, I ran to the fabric store down the street and came home to make one that night!

5/8″ (16mm) DIY nursing bra clips. These clips fit 5/8″ (16mm) bra straps. 4 color choies: white, nude, black and clear. Used to convert regular bras, tanks tops (tanks with shelf bras work best) or swim suits. Single hand action clips.