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Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing Cover | Lightweight No See Through (Grey)


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The nursing wrap that I have I actually got in the store, but you it is probably online as well. It is made by company. I got it at Target for either 14.99 or 19.99. It is simple and plain black but it works. I love it! I can nurse both my babies under it for now.

I think First Years (you can buy at Babies R Us or ) makes a nursing wrap at half the price but the it doesn't have the boning on top & the reviews I've read aren't great.

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    £ 24.99

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    Hi i was researching alot of nursing wraps and this one really caught my eye I’ve use one similar to this….My cousin is having her first baby and i wanted to give her a gift from the heart…and this pattern was PERFECT!!! thanks a bunch….for sharing!! ALOHA!!

    I'm looking to purchase a nursing wrap. I haven't had much success covering up with a blanket while nursing in public. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a brand for a nursing wrap that you've liked a lot.