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Toys that let baby pound away are a classic must-have.

3. : One year olds love toys that they can sit on and move about with their body-weight, so my next pick is this ecologically sourced wooden ride on by Wishbone. Apart from the obvious fact that stylistically, it’s a stunner, it also offers three-in-one fun. Not only is it a ride on and a push along toy, it’s a rocker too – just flip the wheels up and rock on! Also comes in a nice shade of .

Toys that grow with your child are the best both for you and your kid. Why? You won’t have to buy different toys frequently if the toy is one that your child would love to play with as they grow older. A toy that can only sustain the interest of your child for two days and then will be abandoned on the floor or stuck in a closet the rest of the time is just a waste of money. To prevent that, you have to get a toy that can be fun no matter what stage of development your child is at. As they reach their second year of life, children become explorers who are brimming with wonder and curiosity. They also now possess the physical skills that enable them to play and learn easily. Therefore, what you want for your one year old are toys that encourage physical play, including riding, pushing, walking and climbing. Toys that also promote manipulation and experimentation are ideal. Children at this age imitate adults around them so they need props that can help them develop valuable life skills. This is where kids ride on toys for 1 year old make a great choice.

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Getting educational toys for a 1 Year Old is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs. The reason is, these kids are changing so quickly and need so many different toys to help them learn and grow. So getting the right educational toys is like hitting a moving target. Think about it; a 1 year old is quite different than a 21 month old — but they are both 1 Year Olds. So with the help of our Child-Experts, who took their time, put all the one year old toys in a big room, and then separated them based on a child’s development — your job is much easier. great for child development.