Oxy Clean does not work very well for a lot of stains.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 7.22 Lbs


Geeks On Home: How to Use Oxy Clean

I've had no problems mixing liquids and oxyclean in the dispense of my FL for years. I put the liquid in first (it starts draining into the tub immediately) then the powder.

I use the liquid Oxyclean and like it even better than the powder. Right now I am trying Liquid Oxydol and using Oxyclean with it is really working well.

Oxy Clean is a stain remover that is described by some as phenomenal

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    I have Duet and use powder detergent. The instructions on the Oxy Clean tub say not to put it in the detergent compartment. So should it go in the bleach compartment or just be tossed in the washer with the clothes? Which machines have an Oxy dispenser? Have people experienced any performance differences between the regular and fragrance free versions of Oxy Clean?

    but has anyone put the oxy clean in with liquid detergent in the dispenser despite what the instructions say? for some reason it says not to combine the two if your using a liquid detergent.....