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I didn't ask her if she locked her wheels straight, but you can easily do that on the Peg Perego Pliko Mini. This would likely make those rough bits go a bit easier. But the brakes on this stroller are simple to engage, one over each rear wheel.

When your baby is very small, having support for little legs is important, both for healthy circulation and for comfort. The Peg Perego Pliko Mini has a two-position leg rest, either up or down, and it really makes a difference.

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    Product: Peg Perego Pliko Mini Ghiro Travel Bag, Black/White. Manufacturer: Peg Perego. Great for traveling, allows strollers to be checked for air transport. Sturdy fabric and construction.
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    Parents who travel a lot LOVE the Peg Perego Pliko Mini. Many take flights and want to protect their stroller after the gate check. This is where the comes in handy.

    Well, my friend Sara just didn't like the wheels on her Peg Perego Pliko Mini. It wobbles too much on bumpy sidewalks and the ride is too rough for her son on such terrain. However, she is overall pleased with her stroller.