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Leachco Body Pillow for Pregnant Women & Men: The Good & Bad

A is designed to provide support to your growing belly in order to get full comfort. It’s able to slide perfectly under your bump or back to deliver the support, which is required by it. Unlike full body pillows, they don’t take up much space on your bed. If you’re short on budget or don’t want to spend extra then you can opt for wedge pillow for pregnancy. is one of the popular wedge pillows available at Amazon.

Well-chosen sleep accessories (especially pillows) help to create necessary conditions for this. Scientists wanted future mothers to be able to focus solely on pregnancy and delivering a healthy child: that’s why they developed special pillow for pregnant woman. The appearance of this unique sleep device is the result of long research, conducted by medics and specialists in the field of ergonomics.

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  • Pregnancy pillow includes gusseted neck and shoulder area

    The SNOOZER Body Pillow for Pregnant Women provides the comfort of three-pillows-in-one contoured design. This unique shape provides luxurious support for the entire body. It is specifically designed to promote proper spinal alignment, especially for pregnant women, by maintaining equal support for your hips and shoulders as you move from one sleeping position to another. This targeted support helps to eliminate nightly tension and improve your muscular relaxation, blood flow and sustained deep sleep.

    Aside from relieving stress, in having prenatal massages, massage pillows for pregnancy can address many difficulties expecting moms have, such as lower back pain and disk problems. Other benefits of pregnancy massages include increasing blood lymph circulation, the reduction of stress on joints, along with improving the mother’s skin and underlying tissues. Prenatal massages are also said to reduce fatigue, decrease insomnia and help maintain correct posture.