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I do wish someone out there was making new cardboard and plastic playsets (though, for me, they would mostly be display pieces). I’m sure it’s just the bad wiring in my brain but I strongly suspect that a little garage operation could sell small runs of such a kit for $75. Collectors who remember these things would likely be tempted by a completely new design.

[Playset] Cream plastic playset base with sloping paths and a thatched house, barn, and a bridge which the animals and people can shuffle through. Around the outside and on top there are printed farmyard pictures with flowers, animals, and a pond.

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Affordable early childhood commercial playground equipment. These units are packed with fun for kids and feature a play center theme - great for the budget-minded daycare, church, school and preschool. This plastic play set series is an attractive option for backyard playgrounds as well. Featuring rotationally molded top quality colorful plastic components that will add great value to your playground site. A variety of activities for the children, an attractive commercial grade playground price - these units are as popular with the adults as they are with the children! Units are surface mounted for easy installation. Available only in the colors as shown, no modifications are possible. Freight is additional.

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And now we get to the first of the Star Wars cardboard and plastic playsets that I owned as a child. Where other kids might have owned the full-scale AT-AT, I owned a cardboard AT-AT backdrop and a plastic base. I didn’t even own the laser cannon that came with the set since mine was bought used at the base thrift store! The plastic base that the cardboard slotted into was a cheap, solid chunk with levers that allowed you to move the figures (a standard feature on Star Wars playsets at the time) and shortly after getting this set (which I was given as a reward for sitting through a visit to the dentist) I soon found myself the proud owner of . . .

Yeah, cheap is definitely the word for these cardboard and plastic playsets. Unfortunately, what was once cheap is now quite expensive; the price of this playset today basically guarantees that I’ll never own one.