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Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

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Making the Site Ready for Your Child's Play House

I realize I am usually posting about but this is fun as we have all dreamed of having a playhouse. I remember being told all the time, “one day”. It never happened, and now I dream of being able to afford a cool one for the kids one day. While browsing around for kids playhouses, I found some luxury playhouses many can only dream of. While these are way too expensive for most average American’s, they are still a lot of fun, cool, and beautiful!

A mini mansion playhouse which can include running water, electricity, air conditioning and more? The mini mansion will run you $36,000.00 available at .Children will love to play in this grand mansion, but be careful windows may get broke! Available for $6,899.99 from .

Your Playhouse Probably Won't Need a Building Permit

  • Jungle Play House Large
  • Redo Kids Play house DIY going to do this already got the house:)

    A child with their own ship? Oh yes. This amazing Red Beards Revenge Pirate Ship playhouse comes complete with captain’s quarters, upper and lower decks, and a handcrafted crow’s nest for spotting trouble on the high seas. Also available from for $52,000.00!

    With indoor versions and play tunnels and tents, create comfortable places for a kid to be a kid. Upgrade your child's recreation area with a safe, colorful play mat, tent, cottage or outdoor playhouse, and help them reach new heights with a crawl friendly climber.