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SueSport Girls Princess Castle Play Tent, Pink

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What’s more pop up play tents are easily transportable. Most come in light carrying bags, so are perfect for days out to the park or beach. Kids will not only enjoy playing in these when out and about, but they are great for providing shade for kids during the heat of the day.

Play tents, not only allow kids to be creative and imaginative, but they are a great way to get kids to play together and interact. Kids will spend many fun hours playing with their friends inside a play tent. They will also enjoy having a picnic inside them too.

Find other Play Tents & Tunnels...

Find other Play Tents & Tunnels...

The great thing about pop up play tents is that they are so quick and easy to assemble. They can pop up anywhere – in the house on a rainy, cold day or in the garden when it’s bright and sunny. This makes them a great all year round gift for kids.

Pop Up play tents are gifts that children most definitely will love to receive as presents. So whether you have a child’s birthday coming up or are thinking about for Kids then I would strongly recommend one of our beautiful pop up play tents.