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PLAYMOBIL Playground Set


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Playmobil offers a wide selection of Christmas themed toy sets! From Manger Scenes to Advent Calendars, these sets are sure to get your child in the Holiday spirit! Featuring a full line of Playmobil Toys and Free Shipping on orders over $99 and Free Gift Wrap!

We here at are very excited as we have recently added Playmobil to our product range. Playmobil toys are synonymous with creative play, are loved among children and also have the highest standards of quality and safety. Parents place their trust in the brand for its expertise in providing high–quality products under the “Made in Europe” label.

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    A Kids Guide to Buying Playmobil Toys

    Playmobil is a German company who produce a wide range of quality toys for children. Set up in the early 1970s by Hans Beck, the range was a world-wide sensation by 1975 and is still loved to this day....

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    Playmobil are a company that produces a variety of children’s toys. They are one of the most famous construction toy brands in the world. Invented by toy developer Hans Beck in 1971 and put into full production...

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Playmobil toys are produced in themed series of sets as well as individual special figures and playsets. New products and product lines developed by a 50-strong development team are introduced frequently, and older sets are discontinued. Promotional and one-off products are sometimes produced in very limited quantities. These practices have helped give rise to a sizeable community of collectors. Collector activities extend beyond collecting and free-form play and include customization, , and the creation of photo stories and films, or simply as .

Playmobil has been a successful toy line for more than 40 years and they have been a major competitor to toys. Examples of directly competing toys in both their product line are not hard to find. Within the limitations of the Playmobil toy world, the Playmobil toys are usually realistic, and present accurate representations of arms, armor, costumes, and tools from a recognizable time period. Especially notable for their fine attention to detail are the modern construction and city life toys (cars, cranes, fire-engines, trains, boats, etc.).