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PLAYMOBIL’s $39.99 and $39.99 help kids make the transition to school day fun! Yet, Playmobil for Adults can’t be denied. My kids came over when the Playmobil toys arrived, and immediately dived in and starting putting the whole schema together and playing. Now mind you, they are 23 and 25! I couldn’t help joining in the fray either! Why is Playmobil so much fun? Well, take these two toys, for example:

My kids have the fondest memories of playing with Playmobil and if I pull out the Playmobil toys today, they will still get down on the floor and play with their cousins. Playmobil is just so realistic and high quality. As a adult, you can really appreciate the level of play acting that can be attained from these fascinating toys. As well, Playmobil has so many different fun sets that play well together.

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Playmobil toys are durable and long-lasting thanks to their high-quality plastic construction. There are many different types of these toys, including people, animals, vehicles, cities and eggs. People and scene options often imitate real life. There are realistic options like mothers pushing strollers, families camping in a tent and children playing at a water park with slides. Vehicle options include trains, boats, cars, planes and emergency service vehicles like police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. Animal figurines may be realistic, like horses and petting zoo animals, or fanciful, like dragons. Certain themes for sets and figurines, like history, sports, dinos and wildlife help facilitate learning experiences.

First released in 1975, Playmobil is a popular and collectible brand of toys from Germany. There are many different sets available that promote creativity, imaginative play and educational value. The toys often come in a portable and sturdy box. Each figurine and set are as realistic as possible, with many featuring removable accessories, doors and windows that open and characters with cupped hands that make holding objects easy. There are even Playmobil toys with flashing lights and sounds. Simple, realistic facial expressions, situations and themes encourage learning through play.