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PlayStation 3 The Last of Us & Batman: Arkham Origins Bundle


Playstation 3 Bundle Pack with Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”

Sony will be releasing two 40GB PlayStation 3 bundles in Europe, the movie bundle & the game bundle. In the coming 19th March, Sony will released the ‘movie bundle’ which includes Spider-Man 3, 300 and Casino Royale on Blu-ray. While on the 29th March, there will be another bundle with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Both of them will be priced at €399 only.

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PlayStation 3 Bundles Become Holiday’s Hottest Seller

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  • will introduce two new PlayStation 3 bundles in Japan this December

    Sony has a PlayStation 3 bundle coming this spring that includes a copy of LEGO The Hobbit. The bundle will cost $270 and includes a 500GB PS3 with a copy of the upcoming LEGO game.

    PlayStation 3 bundles are an easy way to begin playing the system with a best-selling game. Although consoles have traditionally been packaged with a controller and a game, the seventh generation of systems, including PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, feature a high variety of bundle types with special features and alternative designs. These are sometimes produced as limited editions to support the release of a highly-anticipated game or accessory or as pre-order exclusives for a particular retailer. In some rare cases, the system itself may be designed to match the artwork or content of a specific game. Shop for PS3 bundles to find a system with desirable accessories and games.
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