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If you are looking for a more cuddly, soft and huggable stuffed toy duck or goose, we also have a large selection of these as well. In the plush toy version we have a plush mallard duck, a stuffed toy white duck, a stuffed toy Canadian goose, and several cute and cuddly plush toy baby ducklings and goslings. Our plush Canadien geese from Hansa are very high qualtity and very realistic looking. And, our plush toy baby ducks are simply adorable.

Plush ducks need a completely differentapproach. They are not just toys– they are birds. They weredestined to fly, and even as small plush ducklings won't tolerateunseemly behavior. Many resent being plush, and envy their rubberbrothers who get to swim in the tub. Stuffed ducks are also sensitiveto cold: being oviparious, they haven't had the chance to live insidetheir mommy's tummy, and had to be clutched and warmed from theoutside. Many were denied plush from their feet, which areparticularly susceptable to cold. Caring for a plush duck is no easytask!

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Most plush ducks were made of a yellowmaterial, with some orange for the feet and black for the eyes. Theyare bright, sunny and lively – the yellow and orange colors inspireenergetic movement and play. Some toymakers prefer to focus on themost salient features, essentially creating fantasy creatures; othersproduce realistic-looking ducks (and other birds) that can even makeoriginal sounds. The second kind brings more educational value –but it's all relative, since any silly looking unrealistic duck canteach a child a great deal about friendship and love. That's the wholepoint of the story, isn't it – the ugly plush duckling.

The plush KONG Duck is made out of the highest quality plush material. You can easily see the quality — right down to our decision not to use any stuffing. Each one our our KONG Plush toys come with a replaceable squeaker for added value.