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Whichever model of dirt bike you choose, you will get the best of both worlds; The agility of a 2-stroke pocket dirt bike and the power of a 4-Stroke Engine. All DBX Terra Mini Bikes feature a retractable kickstand, high ground clearance, competition knobby off-road tires, impact-proof body fairings and the long-stroke . Everything is adjustable from the angle and rake of the handlebars to the individual tire pressures. The DBX Line of Mini Pocket Dirt Bikes represent the perfect balance between light weight and raw power!

If you are looking for more torque and convenience, this edition of the DBX Pocket Dirt Bike is your motorcycle of choice. Slightly heavier, it packs in more features and more torque to compensate. The rugged Fully-Automatic transmission is tuned to keep the 110cc engine in its flat torque band through all conditions. Just twist the throttle and you are on your way. The transmission will take care of everything else. In addition to a retractable kick start, you get the ease of a push-button electric start linked to a lightweight battery that is charged by the ZR alternator. Top speed of the 110cc DBX Dirt Bike has been tested to well over 50 mph!


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Introducing the new , an exceptional entry into the pocket dirt bike arena. This new mini dirt bike is an outstanding unit for those looking to enjoy the freedom of off-road action, yet still retain the exhilaration offered by pocket bikes. This pocket dirtbike comes with a full range of features mirroring those often found on full size dirtbikes, including off-road dirt tires, front and rear disc brakes, and an independant swing arm supported by sport-tuned mono-shocked rear suspension, that boasts a whopping 10 inches of travel!

At the incredibly low price of just , our 5.0hp 47cc 2-stroke engine dirt pocket bikes will allow you to reach speeds of up to 47mph (with performance parts). Pocket dirtbikes, also known as "mini motards" in Europe, are miniature versions of real dirt bikes. Sporting a slim, aero-dynamic profile, and weighing in at a meager , any average person can comfortably pick up this bike and carry it wherever need be. Be sure to see our it in action by clicking on our video link below.