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My son is 7 and has collected Pokémon cards for about a year. Apparently there is an actual game that can be played with the cards. I know this because he has attempted to teach me. There are times when he talks to me about Pokémon that my eyes literally glaze over and I go into a comatose state. When I wake up three hours later he is still yammering on and on about 'Chariturds' and 'Pikabutts' and 'Magicraps'...or something like that...ANYWAY...

Want to sell your Pokémon cards? Or are you just curious what your collection is worth? Looking up individual card sales online is often the best way to find a reasonable price, but find out which ones are worth your time before you start the process. If a card looks shiny, has an odd name, or is just plain weird, you might need some guidance just to find out what to call it in your online search. Cross your fingers and remember: the most valuable Pokémon card in the world sold for 90,000 dollars.

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Top 10 countdown of the Most Rarest and Most Expensive pokemon cards that exist in 2013. So again these are the rarest pokemon cards in the world as of today, it might change as we time goes. So find out the Value of Your Old Pokémon Cards! But for now this is what I got, please let me know what you think and dont forget to hit that like button! Thanks for watching!

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While some are busy trying to “catch ‘em all,” others have been reminiscing about their old collection of Pokémon cards. Check out what some of those collectible cards are worth now!