Lisa Courtney and her huge Pokemon collection

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I bet when those pikachu bmws got old nintendo just sold them. She reminds me of those mad pokemon collectors from the game. She’s probably rich too, I’d love to date her.

This woman is called Pikabellechu (not sure what her real name is) and she is one mad Pokemon collector. She has collected more than 8000 Pokemon memorabilia, all Pikachu, even has a Pikachu shaped VW bug – she says its an official Pokemon car – can’t see how unless she works for Nintendo. Wow, ten long years to collect all this and I would think many thousands of dollars as well. She has a bumber sticker in one photo saying “Pokemon Put Me in the Poorhouse”.

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A Pokemon Collector's Chest is opened in this video

In this Gold and Silver Pokemon edition of the classic Monopoly game, you'll travel around the board in search of Pokemon from the Johto World. The more Pokemon you collect, the more powerful a trainer you become. Add Poke' Marts and Poke' Centers to make your Pokemon even stronger. Ash cards and Professor Elm cards may bring rewards or other surprises. Bargain, trade and fight with other trainers to collect the most powerful Pokemon team and win the game!

A Pokemon Collector's Chest is opened in this video. The chest contains 5 Pokemon booster packs, 2 Phantom Forces, and 1 each of Furious Fists, Flashfire, and X and Y, 3 foil preview cards of Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, a Pikachu coin, Pokemon pencils, and Pokemon stickers. This box was $24.98 from Walmart.

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