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My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash 8"


A healthy pony will live to about 35 or maybe even 40 years old.

Owning a pony is a very rewarding experience, but it is not for everyone. Be sure to thoroughly research before taking on the responsibility of owning a pony. If you want to learn to ride it is a good idea to take horseback riding lessons. If you enjoy it you may want to consider leasing a pony. There are many barns which will board your pony for you and allow you to come and ride anytime. Some of them will do the majority of the work involved in owning a pony, however this can get pricey. Know the pony you are riding. Ponies spook very easily. Simple things like sticks and forest animals commonly spook ponies. When riding a pony a helmet should be worn at all times.

There are two different types of riding, Western and English. Western generally consists of barrel racing, keyhole and pole bending among other events, whereas English generally consists of dressage, jumping, polo, Lacrosse and more. When dressage is preformed it looks like the pony is dancing. The rider is guiding the pony through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movements of the rider's hands, legs and weight. The saddle a Western rider uses is different than the saddle an English rider would use. One key difference is the Western saddle consists of a horn, while the English saddle does not.

Gelding - A neutered male pony.

  • Stallion - An intact (un-neutered) male pony.

    Un-neutered male ponies tend to fight with other ponies. If you plan on keeping a male pony with a herd of other ponies or horses it is a good idea to get it fixed.

    2)Choose from an existing special cartoon pony or create your own (hair color only, body cannot be colored). The pony or ponies can have colored hair similar to one of the their favorite cartoon ponies or create your own.