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When it comes to tea sets though, porcelain is my top choice of material. This is why for Grace Home, artistic luxury meets traditional craftsmanship to produce the Grace Home Fine Porcelain Tea Sets.

Make every time tea time! Whether you want a spot of tea or the whole pot, how you serve your tea matters as much as what kind of tea you drink. Add sophistication and fun to any party when you bring out a porcelain tea set.

Steeped in Style

Florals and beyond! Love your tea set, but want a more modern look? Check out super chic porcelain tea sets by in bold solid colors. Green tea addict? Serve up a steaming drink in a cool set from featuring patterns infused with nature.

No Tea-sing

Tea for two—or more? Mix and match pots, and among some similar sets and get the size and fabulous tea style that you crave! Royal Albert offers tea sets with intricate designs that also match other available . From cute polka dot designs to gorgeous floral prints, you can find the tea set that perfectly expresses your personality.

Discover a porcelain tea set at Macy’s that’s sure to add the perfect touch of whimsy to your décor, as well as your next gathering.

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Entertaining is certainly one of my passions, and inviting friends at home is one of my favorite things to do. One way I make a statement — without much of a fuss — is to focus on table settings that are easy to change with every occasion. With these in mind, I searched and found something unique and special, that I would recommend for your homes: Handmade Bohemian Glassware and Fine Porcelain Tea Sets, from the Czech Republic. No doubt, these very elegant glassware and tea sets will easily become the focus of your table setting!

For the perfect choice of complete tea party ware, shop our best Bone China and Porcelain Tea Sets online store section which offers several 2 and 4 serving sets to choose from. Not only will you find the Fine China Tea Set of your dreams, there are also other china, earthenware and porcelain sets, all within an affordable price range. If you are seeking a tea set from England we have several beutiful sets to choose from Heirloom Bone China Tea Sets. Browse through the many different stunning and unusual sets available. The Teapot Shoppe offers unique whimsical teapot sets in leopard print, polka dots and monkeys, an enchanting Snow White set by Paul Cardew, and several floral patterns. The solid color tea sets for a more modern table setting are available in a stunning Cobalt Blue, Ocean Blue, Rustic Copper, and Kensington Red. Of course there is the popular choice of the elegant white and cream colored tea service, including a scrolled set made in Poland with a matching tea warmer to allow for accenting with bright colored linens. If you are seeking to complete a set or replace pieces, please check our individual Bone China and Porcelain teapots sections for matching accessories listed with the tea pot that may be purchased individually. As gracious living makes a comeback, take time to enjoy tea on a beautifully prepared table, complete with linens, lace, and a gorgeous tea set. Share special times and make wonderful memories with friends and loved ones over a fine cup of tea.