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Kids can learn the basics of potty training, such as recognizing the body's signals that it's time to go and the need to wash hands when they're done. Potty Time with Elmo communicates this through both a narrative and series of songs. Kids can watch Elmo show his Baby David toy the steps in learning to go potty -- as well as the rewards (wearing big kid underpants) -- which could make them eager to try it themselves. Kids can learn potty basics in an encouraging way as they watch Elmo teach his toy.

Parents need to know that Potty Time with Elmo is an educational app meant to help young children learn about using the bathroom. It's filled with songs and games and features the popular Sesame Street Muppet. The app also has plenty of hidden surprises for kids who randomly mash the screen. As you would expect with a Sesame Street product, the app does not include any violence, sex, or objectionable content.

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In Potty Time with Elmo, kids flip through a story featuring the Sesame Street character, who is trying to teach his doll to use the potty. Along the way, they can find hidden items in the story, listen to potty-themed songs, and solve potty-themed puzzles that are appropriate (difficulty-wise) for very young children.

Potty training is a very personal experience for children, but Potty Time with Elmo is a good way to give them a primer on the basics. Using a non-threatening character like Elmo makes the process less intimidating -- and the app also offers a section filled with advice for parents to make things go a little smoother.