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The Potty Train


Children with special needs can be more difficult to potty train.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say I “potty trained” my daughter at 2 ½, even though she was missing one of the key indicators of readiness.

On the bright side, I was much better prepared when my son came along. It took a single weekend to potty train him. I just followed these steps:

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  • So here are a few good potty training tips to help with this process!

    I got potty training totally wrong with my first child. Shortly after her second birthday, two experienced mom friends (one who had three kids—two of whom were teenagers!) told me that 2 ½ was the perfect age to toilet train. Any earlier than that, these moms said, kids are not really ready; but after 3, the moms warned, your kid will likely become obstinate and refuse to use anything but a diaper. That seemed frightening, so I took their advice. Besides, two out of two moms told me so; that’s a rate of 100 percent!

    Have you ever wondered when to start potty training your child? You might think that at three years old, he is very ready to potty but then, it is the other way around. You might also think that through forcing or punishing him, he will immediately obey you. This is not ideal for any child of any age. Try reading through our article and get some proper and practical ways to determine when to start potty training.