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Infant Potty Training or Elimination Communication

If you have a story or some suggestions about potty training a baby or a toddler, please write it down and send it to NGJ. I am going to put together a book of potty-training ideas that will be helpful for all of us.

Hope you liked our post on how to potty train a three year old. How are you trying to potty train your baby? Are you using a specific method? Tell us in the comments section below!

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    Seriously, though, I should know. I have five kids. And we’re currently working on potty training baby number five, my beautiful and feisty 2-year-old daughter, Elisabeth.

    Perhaps, nothing can cause a new mother more dread than the question of ‘when should I potty train my baby’? Relax; as mentioned earlier, how to start potty training should be dependent on the factor of when your baby shows signs of being receptive to the idea. This is the first step in a good infant potty training method and an excellent way to begin the whole process.