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the right way to rock a power suit

THE KIWI ENTRY: Now we're onto the pop culture section of this round-up. It would be foolish to talk power suits without mentioning the over-the-top 80s glory of TV series Gloss. There's no doubt in my mind that red outfit comes with matching trousers, and by God, those shoulder pads mean it.

THE PERSONAL BRAND: Joan Collins, pictured here in 1989, is basically synonymous with the power suit. She knew all about personal branding before any of the current crop of social influencers were even conceived. Bow down. (Though we can probably leave that hair in the past.)

The Olsen twins in power suit and sunglasses. The line. It's fierce.

naomi watts. now that's a power suit.

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Los Alamos Laboratories worked on an exoskeleton project in the 1960s called Project Pitman. In 1986, an exoskeleton prototype called the LIFESUIT was created by Monty Reed, a US Army Ranger who had broken his back in a parachute accident. While recovering in the hospital, he read Robert Heinlein's and from Heinlein's description of Mobile Infantry Power Suits, he designed the LIFESUIT, and wrote letters to the military about his plans for the LIFESUIT. In 2001 LIFESUIT One (LSI) was built. In 2003 LS6 was able to record and play back a human gait. In 2005 LS12 was worn in a foot race known as the Saint Patrick's' Day Dash in Seattle, Washington. Monty Reed and LIFESUIT XII set the Land Speed Distance Record for walking in robot suits. LS12 completed the 3-mile race in 90 minutes. The current LIFESUIT prototype 14 can walk one mile on a full charge and lift 92 kg (203 lb) for the wearer.[]