Shake It (12", Promo, W/Lbl) JP Records 1999

We are very impressed with the quality and flexibility Sprongo gives our Olympic athletes.


200% Underground (2xCD) Pa Relax (Jark Prongo ... More Music 1995

Pa Relax (Jark & Prongo Remix)

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K'NEX Nintendo Super Mario 3D Land Prongo Building Set


New York (12") New York (Jark Prongo ... RED 1999

Things start off with Mario sliding down the familiar green pipe as he enters the next level looking for Prongo! Notice the spiffy red “M” flag that you’ll eventually catch up to.

Notice this one comes with Raccoon Mario (a.k.a. Tanooki) as he bounces around trying to collect coins and battle the evil blue armless guy called Prongo. I never played Super Mario 3D Land so I have no clue who this guy is. But Jason and Ryan both knew him instantly.

United (CD, Promo) Crazy (Jark Prongo Remix) United Recordings 1999

Quizzes are fun. So, we're happy to be able to provide you with a new quiz every day. Even if you don't know the answers to every question, you're sure to learn something every time you play!

Dragon (12") Dragon (Jark Prongo Mix) Pssst Music 2000

As a (Yes, I must bring that up every opportunity I can. Great ice breaker at parties!), I get assortments of products sent to me for review. The latest batch had a slew of things I can’t wait to dive into including some toys based on Angry Birds, Super Mario, and the all-new cartoon!

Building the sets is fun, sure, but the real fun is in the play ability. And with motorized Mario Karts that can race around a track you build yourself, well, that’s just beyond cool. I wasn’t sure if K’NEX could push things any further but they certainly proved me wrong with their latest line.