Purple Burst Guitar Hero III Skin

Crescent MG38-PUL 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, Purple (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)


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I bought this guitar as a present to me with my birthday money, as I am getting back into playing. I absolutely adore this guitar. It was one of the cheaper ones I looked at but I wanted a purple guitar and I thought I’d give this one a go. It didn’t disappoint! Not a day goes by where I don’t pick it up. I would thoroughly recommend it!

I had the opportunity to get an extra Christmas present for myself this year after a frankly poor show on the pressie front from all concerned. I had my heart set on a guitar, but what kind of good quality guitar can you get from Amazon when your father is a musician and knows his stuff and you already know it’s important to get a good quality guitar that you can work with and love. I have to tell you, I was excited to receive this beautiful purple guitar from Lindo as it looked and reviewed wonderfully. I was also very pleasantly surprised to get a call from the shop the day before to let me know my guitar was on the way and that if I needed anything, I was very welcome to contact them. The guitar is beautiful and the sound is sharp and crisp and I am very happy with it. I have been classed a novicey player for over 20 years now and this is the guitar I’m going to become an expert on. Thank you 🙂

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Excellent service and product. Super duper fast delivery, courtesy call before the delivery and to inform the guitar has been dispatched, which was a really nice gesture, and informed to contact them on the number if any problems that they will happily rectify. The picture does not do the guitar the justice it deserves. It is very nice and classy, my whole family were impressed with it. So glad I purchased this guitar and fully recommend.