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Hape - Dancing Butterflies Wooden Push and Pull Toy


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Are you looking for the cutest push and pull toys for toddlers?
What a great fun idea!
Toddlers love to push and pull things!
I think they get enormous satisfaction in being able to pull toys around the house…
They really feel they are doing something very important…
From their bedroom to the living-room and to the kitchen, off they go, wobbly legs still, but always pulling their toys along with them…Like they have a purpose!
It is the cutest thing in the world to watch a toddler pull their cute pull toy all over the house, isn’t it?

Push and Pull Toys are the toy friends that will never be left behind - especially when you can just grab the string and pull! Kids love the "cause and effect" action of our Push and Pull Toys, which leads to countless hours of fun while building important skills and strength. These classic style toys are kids' favorites, and they will help growing toddlers motor around the house and remain active.

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Toddlers push and pull toys are the very first toys a toddler will remember when they get older and treasure those sweet memories for the rest of their lives…
Just like I am doing right now…
With tears in my eyes…
Such sweet and precious memories I have from playing with my pull toys…

I gathered a few of the cutest push and pull toys for toddlers!
They are all very colorful and very happy! (I love to say that toys are “happy”… 🙂
They are waiting for a cute toddler to start taking them to all kinds of places!
They love to follow toddlers everywhere they go!