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Don't skip over this one just because you can't say the name – "Quao" is pronounced "cow" and she is "…an evil bovine with secret rules." This unique card game will have players laughing non-stop as they seek to be the first to empty their hand and become the new "Quao" of the next round. There are many arbitrary rules, known only by and enforced by Quao, that bring lots of fun and maybe some confusion as other players try to avoid being penalized. Each player is dealt 5 white cards, with the rest of the deck becoming the "draw" pile. The deck is composed of 5 "suits" each with a different type of answer or action to be performed. Some cards require you to reveal something personal (like naming something you're afraid of), some require an action (challenging another player to a thumb war, for example), others change play for a specified amount of time, some help you avoid penalties from Quao (which always result in drawing an additional card into your hand), and others allow you to pick another player to perform an action for the rest of the round (i.e. they may have to tell a joke punchline at the beginning of each turn). When the round is over, a new Quao comes into power and adds a new "Quao Rule" from the black deck. Game consists of 4 rounds – whoever wins the last round wins the game. The sparsely-but-humorously illustrated cards give this game a lot of character, and while it is a little off-the-wall, it all adds up to great fun. Please note: one of the characters or "suits" is a donkey named JaQuas – while his name appears on all the cards of that type, players are never asked to say it. ~ Megan

Sleeping Queens is a great add to your collection of card games for young children. Along with Rat-a-tat-cat, and Egyptian War, this is the most requested kids card game at my house.

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Tired of the same old card games? Check out , a quirky game of quick thinking and strategy. The object of this game is to rouse the royalty from their slumber by waking the queens. Players need to keep a sharp eye out for a devilish dragon and practice caution with poisonous potions. The player who is able to awaken the greatest number of queens wins the game. This game of whimsy was inspired by a 6 year old but is recommended for ages 8 and up. This fantastical Sleeping Queens card game works best with 2-3 players and is said to develop strategy, memory and mathematics skills.

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