TABLETOPICS Original - 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations


Here's another fun question game stolen from BELLALUCIA

Questions games are played in an effort to facilitate a dialogue between a large group of people by asking questions. Due to its inquisitive nature, it is an excellent way for kids between elementary and middle school ages to be social and create relationships, but is also accessible to people of all ages. It can be used as a great ice breaker where participants are encouraged to ask questions in effort to get to know one another better in classroom and/or social settings and is entertaining while being educational. In life, it is actually the questions that are far more important than the answer in aspects of learning.

You would be surprised how much you do not know about your partner. Take 15 to 30 minutes out of your day to play a question game. The rules of the game are simple -- ask your partner any question you like, and he will answer truthfully. Next, he asks you a question. Asking about your partner’s history, aspirations, emotions or struggles is an excellent method for learning more about him and earning new levels of trust.

Have You Tried the Very Popular 21 Questions Game?

20 questions game
Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
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Knowledge of properties that are applicable to a given object is a necessary prerequisite to formulate intelligent question. Concept description vectors provide simplest representation of this knowledge, storing for each object information about the values of its properties. Experiments with automatic creation of concept description vectors from various sources, including ontologies, dictionaries, encyclopedias and unstructured text sources, are described. Information collected in this way is used to formulate questions that have high discriminating power in the twenty questions game.

I recently went to a baby shower where they were playing a really cute baby shower question game that I had not seen done at a baby shower before. It was a lot like the Newlywed Game, except that it was all about having a new baby and what thoughts the partner had. I thought it was a really nice way to incorporate the partner, even if they were not at the party. (Though this would totally be an !)