Retrieve or set the row or column names of a matrix-like object.

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Short form of or names ending in .

October is filled with energy. The new year of school is still fresh and exciting. The air is crisp. The leaves, as if they had character and purpose, scamper down the streets, chase one another through the sky, or spin like red dervishes. Magic is in the very air: the atmosphere is perfect Halloween. We feel inspired by baby girl names that evoke witches and spells, fairies and elves, and the spirits of the deep dark sea.

In some misplaced race to be different, American parents are creating more and more new names – either by inventing them from thin air or by greatly altering the spellings of tradition names.

Finnish short form of , and other names ending in .

Short form of , , and other names containing .

Two Top Trends for Boys’ Names: More than a third of the top-100 names for boys have two syllables and end with an emphasized n-sound, making Mason (#4), Jayden (#9), and Logan (#17) some of the trendiest names in the country.

I'm a little bit in love with this Robin Hood-inspired Baby Name of the Day. If you love names ending with -ley, the letter x, and gender neutral names that are rarely heard in use, then Loxley is for you.