Hind’s Crimson Star (R Leporis)

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In the nineteenth-century large-scale photographic spectroscopic surveys of stars were performed at , producing spectral classifications for tens of thousands of stars, culminating ultimately in the . In one segment of this work included divisions of the stars by the width of their . Hertzsprung noted that stars described with narrow lines tended to have smaller than the others of the same spectral classification. He took this as an indication of greater luminosity for the narrow-line stars, and computed for several groups of these, allowing him to estimate their absolute magnitude.

The Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, abbreviated H–R diagram or HRD, is a of showing the relationship between the stars' or versus their or . More simply, it plots each star on a graph measuring the star's brightness against its temperature (color). It does not map any locations of stars.

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R Star, Bay Irish Thoroughbred Mare, 2006 - C Square Farm

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