KidKraft Blue Racecar Beds for Toddler

Race Car Toddler Bed


Infiniti Race Car Bed Color: White

With a Little Tikes Race Car Bed, the Little Guy will haveso much fun that he will want to tell everyone about his new car, and mostimportantly, you will have your young driver racing off to dreamland everynight.

The Little Tikes Race Car Bed isn’t found easily in stores,but it can be found on-line. Bear in mind whenhaving it delivered that the box is very large, so someone must be home toreceive it. You’ll need to schedule a delivery time for this.

Infiniti Race Car Bed Color: Red

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  • Infiniti Race Car Bed Color: Pink

    I have a red little tikes race car bed it only came with three wheels and no screws. Does anyone know how and what i need to assemble the wheels to the bed?

    Sleek cars , fast lines, blurring scenery passing at 200 mph, that is the feeling you will get with race car bedding. Zooming here and vrooming there, kids and teens are sometimes terrible to put to bed. They swear they want to stay up just one moment longer, yet their eyes tell us they are exhausted.