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f you’re like a lot of kids, you probably grew up with the classic Radio Flyer red wagon, the little metal wagons you could load up with toys, treasures, or even slightly smaller playmates, and pull around on your explorations.

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon 8x12 Fine Art Photography Country Shabby Chic Vintage Modern Boy Nursery Baby Home Decor Wall Art. $24.00, via Etsy.

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  • Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

  • 1258: 1950 Radio Flyer red coaster wagon, fully restore : Lot 1258

    This mini is small enough for a child’s little hands and big enough for any imagination! The Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon is the perfect buddy for all indoor and outdoor creative play. It is the perfect size for dolls, stuffed animals, and transporting things like rocks and leaves while outdoors. The Little Red Wagon has sturdy steel construction and high quality components that are replicated from the classic Radio Flyer line. All in all, a classic toy.

    While 4-month-old Isaac slept, I decided it would be good to take Joe for a walk. So we loaded him and a drink into the Radio Flyer Red Wagon my wife had recently purchased at a garage sale. It has been about 15 years since I pulled a little boy in a red wagon, and the wagon Joe climbed into was dramatically different than the one I last pulled. The wagon I remember was a metal “Classic Red Wagon,” large enough to hold two small children on a flat surface with 4-inch wall. What I remember most about the wagon was the length of the handle. Specifically how I remember thinking that it was designed for use by someone a foot shorter than my 6-foot-4 frame.