Razor Ripster Air Caster RZ00574 Caster Board Blue

Razor RipStik Ripster (Blue)


Ripstik Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Teal and Pink

Razor Ripster Blue Scooter Teaches You Whole New Ways of Moving The Razor Ripster in blue will have your sidewalk neighbors exclaiming, 'Is that a skateboard? A snowboard?' No, it's the Razor Ripster, which combines a snowboard's carving maneuverability with a skateboard's go-anywhere urban sensibility. The Ripster's unique hourglass deck pivots to give you supreme control over your pavement shredding experience. Inline castor trucks and that swivel factor make it possible to speed up and take corners without having to kick off. You'll go very fast, very easily. The Razor Ripster blue scooter has gliding urethane wheels and ABEC-5 dust resistant bearing to provide a smooth ride previously only experienced downhill on fresh powder. The sleek board is complemented by its blue and black lightning motif design. The concave deck makes it super responsive to your feet commands, and the deck traction helps you stay on this beast of a board. Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds and with two wheels, this is minimalist transportation at its best.

Following on from the revolutionary Razor RipStik, we introduce RipStik Ripster, the compact caster board. Shorter and lighter than the original RipStik, it is more agile for children or stunt riders. The Ripster is a great board to help you perfect tricks at an unbeatable price.

Hop on this Razor Ripster in red for the thrill of your life

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    These Razor Ripstiks is a two-wheeled , human-powered land vehichle and has two narrow platforms known as “decks”that are joined by a “torsion bar”, which consists of a metal beam, usually coated by rubber, that houses a strong spring.