EasyPrep Meals & More 1-Month Emergency Food Storage Supply (1 Bucket, 227 Total Servings, 9 Different Entrees, up to 25 Year Shelf-Life)


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While the food storage items tasted very good there are some items we would steer you away from. Their lower priced 72 hour kits (their Basic line) are mostly comprised of lower quality items. While this isn’t unique to the Ready Store, I’d rather build my own by purchasing higher quality items separately and putting together my own kit. Most non-food items like their outdoor gear are name brand items (Gerber, MSR, UST. etc) you will recognize and can trust and from our experience have withstood our trips into the outdoors.

The Ready Store website is one of our favorites, if not the top one in the industry. Something we noticed very early on in our Ready Store review. The home page has the main categories along the top, when hovered over sub-categories appear and you can jump into a variety of more specific product categories. No matter where you are on the site this navigation bar is always there so it is easy to get to where you want to go.

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    Lastly, a recent addition most people won’t know about but is cool is the Ready Store website is now entirely on HTTPS. This means the site is secure and protected on all pages. Most webstores have shopping carts that are HTTPS and the rest of the site is HTTP. Having the entire site protected and secure makes me feel even more secure.

    The Ready Store also prides itself on education. The website has a deep level of product information but they also have the where you will find hundreds of articles that are informative and relevant to the person getting prepared. One of if not the best company blogs in the industry.