The Conjuring - The real Annabelle doll

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The Real Annabelle Doll from The Conjuring - Faded Industry

Six months later, the Forms have moved on and have not seen Annabelle since then. Elsewhere, the mother of one of the girls in the opening scene purchases Annabelle as a gift for her child. The ending text states that the real Annabelle doll resides in a case in Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum and that it is blessed by a priest twice a month to keep the public safe from the evil that the doll possesses.

One part of the movie I liked was the Annabelle doll and the story behind her. The real Annabelle doll was the focus of a case that paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, took part in. This case happened in the early 1970s and is highlighted in the book . It has been stated that this is one of the most unusual cases of a possessed object on record.

The Real Annabelle Doll from The Conjuring

The real Annabelle doll (left) and The Conjuring movie doll (right).

The real Annabelle doll wasn't a porcelain doll as presented in the film. Rather, the real Annabelle doll was just your typical run of the mill Raggedy Ann doll. The true story regarding this doll is considered to be very nightmare-inducing so feel free to leave if you are scared.

The new horror movie, The Conjuring, highlights the Annabelle doll case in the beginning of the film and truly creates the scariest looking doll ever created. Only issue is, it’s not the real Annabelle doll. Raggedy Ann is the real Annabelle doll. I remember a similar feeling, that same feeling when I found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist.