JumpSport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline Features

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure with Green Spring Pad, 8 X 14-Feet


JumpSport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline Features

Although rectangular trampolines are more commonly associated with gymnastics, they are great for family and home use. However, due to the characteristics of rectangles with enclosures, they should only be used by one bouncer at a time. Although many might see this as a downside, it actually means your trampoline will be a lot safer.

Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop offers two rectangular trampolines with enclosures from Skyhigh. This brand were chosen as it gives maximum performance, is very durable and very safe.

Our rectangular trampolines are also available in packages that include a cover and ladder. The ladder will help to improve the safety of your children whilst using the trampoline by making it easier to get on and off. The cover will keep your trampoline clean and protect it from rain, snow and frost therefore giving it a longer life.

JumpSport Rectangular Trampoline Specs

We offer a wide range of rectangular trampoline parts. Aside from manufacturing parts for our own brand, we also offer replacement parts for just about any rectangular type trampoline that has ever been produced. We have the manufacturing capability to produce custom parts for outdated in-ground models as well.

We offer three different rectangular trampoline models:

The largest size in the line is the Skyhigh 10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline. This has an extremely big bounce surface area, so it is suited to children and adults alike. The larger Skyhigh has the same thick pads and optional safety net but also features 136 springs that are divided into two sections: 116 which are 230mm long and 20 which are 210mm long. These can support a weight of up to 140kg.

Rectangular trampolines have four straight sides with springs that point in two different directions. When you bounce the springs stretch to different extents and work to different rates. This means that you will be able to cover the entire mat without being pulled into the centre, as is the case with round trampolines. The bounce is also more controlled and easier on your joints.