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BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank with Remote Control, Battery, Light, Sound, Rotating Turret and Recoil Action When Cannon Artillery Shoots, Mini 1:72 Scale, Assorted Color


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If your little one already loves science and gadgets, space and fantasy themed remote control toys make fantastic gifts. An remote-operated spaceship and a collection of create hours of futuristic fun. For a child who enjoys movies, games and TV, choose battery-powered toys featuring popular character graphics. Try a flying superhero or a driving World of Nintendo Mini Radio Control Racer that comes with a built-in driver.

Add extra excitement to pretend play with the latest remote control toys. From realistic looking aircraft, boats and cars to fantastical animals like monkeys and birds, Kmart has RC toys to enliven any make-believe scenario. Hot Wheel cars can be driven on nearly any surface or be combined with Hot Wheels racetracks that feature loops, jumps and more. Perform thrilling stunts by sending toy motorcycles over a toy ramp or create a challenging obstacle course for remote control ATVs. Take your child's toy collection to the next level with cutting-edge remote control toys and drivable .

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Welcome to our RC Helicopters page, this page contains all of our radio controlled helicopters, which need very little explanation. They really are great fun and afternoons can be lost trying to land them on your grandad's head while he is asleep in his arm chair! (QI Remote Control toys would like to state that we have never done this and neither would we recommend trying it either!)

Add variety to imaginary storylines by keeping a wide range of RC vehicles in the playroom. Staging heroic feats will be easier with military and rescue vehicles like fire trucks and police cars. Any girl or boy will have a blast making up stories about doing grown-up jobs while driving buses, trucks and construction vehicles around the house. Spark imagination with new remote control toys from Kmart.