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The interactive designs used in these street rugs for kids encourage creative and social play with other children. Pair a race track rug with a basket of miniature car toys and watch your kids experiment and learn to play together. Let your older students practice safe driving on a car play rug or teach them the importance of good sportsmanship by setting up a fun classroom competition! One of these road rugs would even be the perfect addition to your playroom at home where your children and their friends can spend hours building different towns and zipping around with their miniature car toys. Order today and let the fun begin!

Road Rugs, offer a perfect playing area for your children's toy cars, not only is this rug a play surface, they also add warmth and comfort to your child's room. Made in the E.U. the pile is easy clean polypropylene and the backing is anti slip foam.

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After reviewing the examples of rugs and mats above, you have most likely came up with some ideas of what you would like to have in your own rug or mat. And whether you have something in mind that just isn't available, or you are looking to same money, a DIY Road Rug project is right around the corner. Now you can see how others have approached making their own Road Rugs and Mats.

There are plenty of road rugs available on the market for various sized rooms. Interestingly enough, different regions in the world seem to have different clusters of road designs available to them. Here are some of the rugs that are readily available out there.