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DC Comics 12" Robin Action Figure


DC Comics 12 Inch Robin Action Figure

Since these figures were teased at Comic-Con 2012, we know they've been in development for some time - but the final product feels a little rushed, tantalizingly close to being really great. If Mattel has the guts, I hope they continue this line so we can see some refinements in year 2. I realize it is ludicrous to say "I spent $30 on a figure set that didn't wow me, now please sell me more" but it doesn't seem like it would be that tough to turn these two into superior figures. As it stands, this is the only consumer-priced Burt Ward-inspired Robin action figure - if you want it, go get it. Regardless of what I'd read, hear, or even say, I'd still buy this set purely out of the nostalgia factor. Be careful with the capes when you open it, and if you bought the Batmobile be prepared for frustration getting the capes and seatbelts in place. Otherwise, it's a solid set.

This pack includes Batgirl and Robin mini figures. Batgirl brings with her her batarang, with glide and stealth abilities so that she can bypass security in high-alert areas, whereas Robin has impressive diving skills. He can also transform into Nightwing, taking on his moves and abilities.

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I couldn't be more excited when I found out that the line was happening, and the Batman & Robin was just the thing I've been itching for. Unfortunately a few design flaws ticked me off to the point where I went from absolutely adoring this to suggesting you consider buying it until you see if a superior Robin action figure comes out later. It's cool and something I've been wanting to own since I was very young, but ultimately a frustrating piece once you open the box. If you collect boxed toys, you should buy and enjoy this.

Last month, I did an article about the latest and by the end of it I think we all agreed that there was no better 1966 Batman figure out there. However, the ’66 Batman isn’t a solo crime fighter! So just putting The Caped Crusader on your shelf all by his lonesome would look mighty sad, right? Well, the good news is that Sideshow Collectibles offers a Burt Ward Robin figure as well so you can complete the Dynamic Duo! Well, now that I’ve got my hands on one we can sit down and talk about everything this toy has to offer!