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This 2005 film featured Rodney Copperbottom as a small-town robot with big dreams. In this film, the world is comprised entirely of robots, and many types of robot toys were marketed from action figures and playsets to model sets with which children could mix-and-match heads and other body parts from different characters.

Some robotic toys actually move and are usually remote-controlled and run on batteries. These are called to refer to the fact that the user builds their own working robot with the pieces included in the kit. Mechanical robots can be quite intricate, with functioning arms, wheels on either side so that the robot can be flipped over yet still function, or exterior lights to illuminate its path.

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Robot Toys were very Popular in the 1940's and 1950's through simple Mechanical Tin Robots


Various popular culture films from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's have produced many Robot Toys Eg Star Wars and Transformer toys.


In the early 1990's Sony brought out the AIBO Dog

It was not until 2004 that robot toys became a mass market product through the introduction of Wowwee's Robosapien

Robot Toy Future- It was sad to see the demise of the popular Sony AIBO Dog,

however technology is evolving all the time.


We will bring you what's new in the field of robot toys once the new generation has arrived.

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Since robots have a rich history, toys in the likeness of favorite robots have been around for a long time. Therefore, shoppers today can find vintage robot action figures and kits. These are also popular with collectors. Many collectible robot toys are from popular comics or television shows. Robot shows were common on television in the 1950s and '60s. Since special effects of the day were rudimentary at best, actors donned boxy costumes that were often covered in tinfoil or had blinking lights to convey a futuristic tone; thus, the robots of the day were usually humanoid as are the corresponding toys. eBay sellers market such toys in both new and used condition and with and without a box. Most listings will specify if the robot toy is loose or if any accessories are included. These toys may also come with a comic book or DVD if the toys is based on a character, and many are available as mixed lots of many toys. Make sure to ask the seller about the condition of , especially regarding sets and loose figures to make sure there's no missing or broken pieces.

Children may find, however, that the best types of robots are the ones they can play with. As diverse as robots themselves, contemporary robot toys come in many types with an assortment of functions. Some robot toys are simple figurines while other toys are kits that allow children to construct their own robot.