Then I have to save the R script file as

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?savehistory # at least on a Mac

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Subject: [R] how to save the R script itself into a rData file?

... the names of the objects to be saved.
list A character vector containing the names of objects to be saved.
file a connection or the name of the file where the data will be saved. Must be a file name for workspace format version 1.
ascii if TRUE, an ASCII representation of the data is written. This is useful for transporting data between machines of different types. The default value of ascii is FALSE which leads to a more compact binary file being written.
version the workspace format version to use. NULL specifies the current default format. The version used from R 0.99.0 to R 1.3.1 was version 1. The default format as from R 1.4.0 is version 2.
envir environment to search for objects to be saved.
compress logical specifying whether saving to a named file is to use compression. Ignored when file is a connection and for workspace format version 1.
safe logical. If TRUE, a temporary file is used for creating the saved workspace. The temporary file is renamed to file if the save succeeds. This preserves an existing workspace file if the save fails, but at the cost of using extra disk space during the save.
name name of image file to save or load.
quiet logical specifying whether a message should be printed.

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