Scarlet Bandit.( She is HOT ) He has his fave I have Mine.

2011 Hot Wheels Monster Jam #29/80 SCARLET BANDIT 1:64 Scale Collectible Truck with Monster Jam TATTOO

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The Monster Truck Showdown will begin at 7:30p.m. featuring the 2005 World Freestyle Champion Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Heavy Hitter, and Dawg Pound. This action packed night will also consist of pro quad racing and much more. Autographs will be available at the end of the show. Bring family and friends for a night full of action and entertainment.

Eight monster trucks are expected to compete in an arena full of crushed cars and dirt ramps. Seven of the eight trucks have been announced: Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, The Patriot, Tropical Thunder, Obsessed, Wrong Way Rick and Air Borne Ranger. The Motocross Jumpers will take jumps off of ramps more than 10 feet tall and fly at least 90 feet through the air performing tricks before they land their jumps. There will be four motorcycle jumpers this year, up from three in 2013. Truck and tractor pulls will feature different classes of trucks and tractors showcasing their horsepower as they pull a two-ton sled across the dirt floor.

The team includes Dawn, Scarlet Bandit

The ones of Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit are from

the 81 Speedway May 31st and June 1st also in Wichita.

The team includes Dawn, Scarlet Bandit

Shock Therapy. Maximum Destruction. Gun Slinger. Scarlet Bandit. Monster Energy. They all have their own following. A truck called The Ice Cream Man, who performs to a metal version of the ice cream man song we all grew up with, has perhaps the most unique personality on the circuit.

And so the Dark Rider and his comrades began their three day journey to the Mountains of Shenn. Apparently the Scarlet Bandit was paying a visit there to collect money from the Mountain Folk that feared him. A sort of “Pay or Die” sort of tax that the Scarlet Bandit had imposed on many small towns and villages.