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Our Schoenhut baby grand piano and Schoenhut spinet piano selection is impressive. We carry only the best brands, in this case, it is Schoenhut baby grand pianos and spinet pianos. Our preferred brand is . Make the purchase today that will help your child fall in love with music.

Why wait to get your children involved with playing the piano? With Schoenhut toys and small children’s instruments, your toddlers can begin their musical journey now. In addition to the brand’s premier Schoenhut baby grand pianos – which allow your child to channel their musical grace easily and comfortably – you can also introduce them to the Schoenhut tunable toy drum. This mini drum’s petite size makes it easy for toddlers to carry around and play with. Plus, the tuning adjustability allows for greater versatility as your kids progresses! Shop online with West Music and get your youngster started early in music participation with Schoenhut miniature baby grand piano or toy drum today.

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that piano's name is schoenhut classic baby grand piano
it has funny scale
it is make a fake sound
I think it make bad effect to our baby
it's not music, it's just noise
they don't accept refund with that fake
I paid it for $115
just refer that brand schnenhut

It will be a few years before they blow the roof off their third- grade piano recital with a spot-on rendition of "Fur Elise" so for now, your grandchildren will need a piano that's a more manageable size. Schoenhut is the standard in quality pianos for kids, and they're available in perfect sizes and prices. For any preschooler who likes to make noise (that's almost all of them), the Schoenbut Baby Grand Piano is a dream gift. We recommend getting it for their home, rather than keeping it at yours. That way, you can just leave when you're through listening to the eighty-sixth encore.