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One thing many people really like about the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle is that it is like a comfort-oriented three-wheeled machine. It comes with a single speed that makes it very easy to use. Sometimes when we are buying an adult trike, our intention was for leisure riding and neighborhood errands, not for speed. So this is the reason many people chose the Schwinn Meridian over other multi speeds trike.

The Schwinn Meridian Tricycle is really a good buy for the price, due to its excellent quality. We highly recommend the Meridian to anyone who is looking to buy their first adult trike at a reasonable price.

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    The Schwinn Roadster tricycle is designed with the retro look with super low position allows foot to floor riding. 12" front and 8" rear air tires provide the smoothest ride of any tricycle made.
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    Because of its low center of gravity, Schwinn Roadster Tricycle makes it easy for kids to move around. The handlebars, streamers, fenders, wooden deck and classic bell make it a real treat to ride this tricycle. Kids can pedal with ease due to its 12-inch front tire. No matter what the surface, the air-filled tires make for a smooth ride.

    This weird Schwinn Tricycle seems to be related to the bigwheel concept. Either waya friend found this and deployed it with her offspring and it worked for actual transit purposes as opposed to just riding round in circles.