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Sequence Game


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I am interested in ordering a sequence board and having it shipped to Florida. Please email me with more information including instructions on how to place my order and arrange shipping. Thank you.

Sequence is a combination card and board game that can be played with two to 12 players. In Sequence, players race to create a sequence of five chips on the playing board. A Sequence playing board consists of 100 squares representing each of the 52 standard playing cards, except for the Jacks, twice. The four corners of a Sequence board are represented by Jokers. These squares are wild, and any four-chip sequence that borders a Joker counts as a winning sequence. Creating your own sequence board game is as simple as cutting and pasting a deck of playing cards.

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The Sequence Board Game for Kids is great fun for preschoolers or young elementary school students. It is a simple strategy game and is an ideal tool for learning animal vocabulary, categorization and for social interaction as you play the game together.

As may now be understood, the present invention provides a sequence board game which combines the features of bingo, tic-tac-toe, and conventional playing card games into a single fast paced, exciting and entertaining board game format.