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My Stitch Kit - Hand Sewing Kits for Kids.

I really havent had time to do much sewing and knitting. But I did help my daughter with this awesome little sewing kit for kids that she got off Granny for Christmas. Its made of felt and has precut holes to put the thread through. One side has felt flowers (and a butterfly!) to stack and sew on, and the other side has buttons. It has everything in the kit, including a plastic sewing needle. The only thing I needed to grab was the scissors.

A year and a half ago, my daughter (almost 9 now) said she wanted to learn how to sew. I thought that a sewing kit and, possibly, a sewing machine would make a good Christmas gift. So, I started my research on sewing machines (a post soon to come) and sewing kits for kids. I quickly realized that the sewing kits out there for kids were all so cheap, in quality — but not in price. For what you paid, you received very few items and the items were not very good in quality. I wanted a sewing kit that my daughter could use throughout her life… something that would last… and that she would have years of wonderful, creative memories associated with…

My First Sewing Kit for Kids - ALEX - Kids Craft Kits at Weekend Kits

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The Sew Kids sewing kits for kids have been inspired by my own two children. I have a boy and a girl who love to sew, but the challenge of finding projects they could do independently without the use of a sewing machine was overwhelming. When it came to finding sewing related projects and notions for my son, it was nearly impossible. All of the sewing kits on the market for kids are targeted towards little girls. I knew if I was having these issues as an avid seamstress, there must be other parents out there looking for a solution to this problem as well, and so Sew Kids sewing kits for kids was born!