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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Spyro The Dragon Costume - Medium


Skylander dragons by Hippie30199 on DeviantArt

Spyro: Skylanders. I took a screenshot of this picture, cleaned it up and here it is. Sorry. I am a bit anal about the stuff I render so it does have a watermark-like thing on it.. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Spyro The Dragon club tagged: spyro purple game renders skylanders fail dragon.

Me playing as ALL the Skylander Dragons, Spyro, Drobot, Whirlwind, Camo, Cynder Bash, and Zap against KAOS the main villain of the game. It was an easy fight overall. All of my guys have 32 heroics done and are maxed lvs and paths wise. Spyro is on Blitz Dragon, Drobot is on Master Blaster, Whirlwind is on Tempest Dragon, Camo is on Melon Master, Cynder is on Shadowdancer, Sunburn is on the Flamelord Path, Bash is on Granite Dragon, and Zap is on Tesla Dragon. Enjoy!

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Skylanders Dragons by Salem-the-Psychic on DeviantArt

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    Skylanders Dragons Peak, extra adventure with winged boots and sparks the dragonfly. Unlock the bonus mission. Excellent condition.
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