Suddenly, the little Slinky was the talk of the town.

Original Slinky Brand Slinky


This catchy jingle helped people remember the Slinky.

In the second film, when Woody is looking for his hat to go to Cowboy Camp with Andy, it's Slinky who ends up finding Woody's hat. The bad news is that he got it from , Andy's dog. After steals Woody, Slinky goes on the mission led by Buzz to rescue their valuable friend. The rescue squad uses Slinky's coil as a bungee cord to jump from . Slinky also has to use two traffic cones (one on his head, another on his tail) when crossing the street due to his unique size and structure. At , while searching in Al's office with a that the toys mistake for Andy's, Slinky encounters two Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots on Al's desk and asks them if they have seen "a cowboy doll with a bad arm" (referring to Woody), only to indirectly cause the two robots to fight. As Al enters the office, the New Buzz orders the toys to stow away in Al's bag, then they arrive at an apartment that houses . After entering the apartment through an air vent, they climb up an elevator shaft and arrive at the topmost floor with help from a rising elevator. When the toys break into the penthouse, Slinky and have a growling match that tries to stop, but Slinky uses his coil to tie up Jessie and Bullseye. He then orders his allies to grab Woody and escape, but they are stopped by Andy's Buzz, who proves that he is the one that the toys recognize, to Slinky's relief. Slinky feels disappointed when Woody intends to stay with his to be put in a museum, and takes a possibly one last look at Woody before he leaves with the others, but brightens up when Woody declares that he is coming with them. After Al packs up Woody and the Roundup collection into his case and leaves the penthouse, the toys jump onto the elevator, and Buzz opens the emergency hatch on the elevator and uses Slinky to fish Woody out. Just as Slinky opens the case and grabs Woody's hands, the elevator reaches the lobby and Al steps out, causing Slinky to become stretched out, but grabs Woody and pulls him back into the case, making Slinky accidentally release Woody and rebound. After the toys leave the apartment, they hijack a , and Slinky controls the pedals of the truck to chase Al to . At the airport, Slinky follows Buzz, but his hind legs become stuck to one of the luggage handles, and is unable to follow Buzz as he becomes overstretched again. However, he is able to rejoin with the other toys as they stun Stinky Pete with flash cameras and finally capture him.

He is also guilty when he sees Woody telling the truth after Mr. Potato Head toss him overboard. He and the other toys make amends and assist Buzz, Woody and to make it to . He uses his stretching ability in an attempt to pull them into the van, but when RC's batteries rapidly drain, he becomes stretched to the breaking point. He loses his grip on Woody and gets sprung back into the moving van without them. He appears to be badly damaged, and the toys try and comfort him while he laments he should have held on longer. He looks ecstatic when Woody uses the rocket strapped to Buzz to return to them. His slink has been fixed at the end of the film, when the toys have been settled in Andy's .

Suddenly, the little Slinky was the talk of the town.

RE: Remote Tuned Slinky Dipole for Restricted Hams:  
by N8NSN on January 30, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
Slinky are only about $2.50 each. Not to mention the portability and convenience of Slinky type set ups. Sure beats staying off the air due to HOA or apartment situations. Will it perform as well as a full sized dipole cut for a particular band in the air at many multiple 1/4 wave lengths? Most likely not, but if a set of slinky are the only option... It is certainly worth a try. If you were several floors up in a building... you just may be surprised.

However, Slinky are made of a galvanized metal; which is not the best choice for radiating a signal. BUT, they do work... I have had slinky, helical wound, doublets in many attics over the years. The trick is to stretch them out nice and far. At one point I acquired 300 feet of copper weld. I wound it super tight on a 2 inch piece of PVC to "tighten its diameter". Once I released it it sprang back to about a 4 or so inch diameter. I used it in the same fashion as the previous galvanized slinky... I noticed an improvement. It just seemed quieter than the galvanized arrangement. BTW, I only used 100 feet of copper weld per side for my helical doublet. Stretched out it was only about 35 feet per side.

I have had linear loaded doublets in many attics. The linear loaded doublets were MUCH harder to install with all the crawling back and forth through the fiberglass (not fun and VERY itchy). The Slinky... one trip to the edge of the attic to connect the support strand and pull the slinky out on the way there, per side, and wallah. I had experienced absolutely no differences in performance between a linear loaded doublet or the slinky doublet.

BTW, the tuner at the feed point of the antenna is a nice touch... good job. The Slinky doublets here have always been fed with 300 ohm ribbon feeders (works just fine in doors) and a link coupled tuner in the shack.

Thanks for the article. Hope it has a few, "Ah gee, I can't have an antenna so, I'm cashing in my gear" types; thinking of a workable solution and staying active in the best hobby on earth.

N8NSN . .


Slinky’s Inventor Joins a “Cult”

In the first film, Slinky is first seen coming out from under Andy's bed. He likes playing checkers with . He is also one of the toys who believes it was an accident when Woody knocks out the window. He isn't happy about Woody's disappearance. He catches the lights when Woody calls them from the window of until a grumpy snatches them. When he and the other toys see Buzz's severed arm, Slinky looks devastated at what his friend seems to have done. Woody desperately pleads with him to help, but all he can do is very sadly close the curtains of Andy's window despite that Andy already misses Woody.

Slinky is a nice, friendly and playful dog. He is quite well-behaved compared with some of Andy's other toys. He shows faith in Woody (sometimes acting like his pet), and he'll do anything to help his friend out. He is friends with all of Andy's toys, has a sense of humor, and enjoys playing checkers with Woody.