Snoopy on his doghouse found in Springfield MO.

Peanuts Hello Fall Small Flag with Snoopy on His Doghouse New 2015

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Snoopy Mug Snoopy on HIs Doghouse Mug Peanuts by TexasGalTreasures

Near the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Stanwix Street in downtown Pittsburgh, Snoopy sleeps on his doghouse in an iconic 3D image straight from the Peanuts comics. When carpenter Ron Gembarosky needed to cover wiring and sockets for electrical work, he built the first version of the doghouse in February of 2000 in honor of Charles Schulz, who had passed away earlier in the month.

Within days of Schulz dying, Gembarosky, a carpenter for 30 years, constructed and installed Snoopy on his doghouse as a tribute to the famed cartoonist.

Vintage Snoopy On his Doghouse Peanuts by alsredesignvintage

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This nice ceramic bank features Snoopy lying on his doghouse, just waiting for a coin to drop! Includes a nice glossy finish and coin stopper on the bottom - 7.6" long x 6.0" wide x 10" high - NEW IN BOX
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Snoopy on his doghouse found in Springfield MO.

For Comic-con Otto Diffenbach invented a Snoopy WWW Flying Ace Drone with Snoops on his doghouse flying overhead promoting the upcoming Peanuts movie.

Snoopy and the Red Baron was a pretty simple game, but for an Atari 2600 game, it had amazing graphics. As you can see from the screenshot in the ad, snoopy actually looks like Snoopy. You might not be impressed, but this was a thrilling development for we early pixel starers. The gameplay was pretty basic. It involved flying Snoopy around on his doghouse trying to take down the Red Baron. You get taken down and game over.