how much does a good soccer ball cost?

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Stitching also plays a part in determining the quality of a soccer ball. Hand-stitched soccer balls cost more than machine-stitched soccer balls, and the hand-stitched versions have stronger seams. High-quality soccer balls use five-ply polyester or a similar thread to stitch together the panels. Some balls further reinforce the stitching with Kevlar. For a different approach, certain soccer balls are held together by thermal bonding rather than stitching. This design gives the ball a smoother surface for increased accuracy and makes it more durable and water-resistant. Lower priced soccer balls, meanwhile, use glue to seal seams together. These inexpensive soccer balls are harder than stitched balls and are more suitable for recreational use or practice sessions than for official games.

There are many soccer balls to choose from and because of this you are probably wondering how much does a soccer ball cost, or even better how much a good soccer ball costs. Even if you are a complete beginner and you don’t know anything about soccer balls or if you know more about them, I will today guide you how to choose and what are the prices of soccer balls.

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The soccer ball is the only essential piece of equipment in the game of soccer. But with 400+ soccer balls on , how do you know which soccer ball is right for your game and your level of play? Why does one soccer ball costs three times more than other balls?